London Calling: A Reel Chick Travel Adventure


I’m a happy girl today. A very happy girl.

Mr sent me an email today with info on a flight he booked for me to fly out to London on April 20. Mr will already be in the UK for business and I’ll join him as he wraps up his meetings. Then it’s a whirlwind trip to visit with relatives and explore the other side of the pond.

USAirwaysSo darn excited to see this reservation confirmation from US Airways!

I’m already planning outfits and daydreaming about our trip. The last time we were in London we did: Big Ben and House of Parliament, Chinatown, Piccadilly Square and Notting Hill. We also did Stonehenge, Sherwood Forrest and Nottingham.


This time, I’d love to find a car boot sale (what they call outdoor flea markets in the UK) offering unique ware. Thrift shopping isn’t exactly Mr’s cup of tea (pardon the pun), so maybe he’ll hang out at a local pub while I shop 🙂

Would love to know what you would do on a trip to England?

2 thoughts on “London Calling: A Reel Chick Travel Adventure

  1. I go as often as time as money will allow. I have to tell you that I try to see all of the things that I’ve heard about, read about, seen in movies and tv shows over the years, but mostly I enjoy just doing mundane life things with my friends that live there. Going to the pub for dinner, walking in and out of local shops, watching what they watch on tv and talking to anyone and everyone I can about ways we’re alike and ways we are different. Love everything about it, feel completely comfortable being there.
    I hope you have an amazing trip and see many things that inspire you and make you smile in future when you think of them!

    • What a great note, thank you! The best part of being with an Englishman is having friends and family across the pond! We’ll be in the London area, as well as up in Nottingham/Sherwood Forest. Our brother-in-law makes the best Sticky Toffee Pudding!! I gain 5 pounds just thinking about it. I’m hoping to do some of the off-the-beaten path stuff like car boot sales and thrift shoppes. The touristy stuff is great fun but doing what locals do is probably even better!

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