Holy Guacamole! The Bachelor Surprise!

ashlee-bachelor-rejected-abcOMG, Sean sent AshLee home last night! I did not see that coming. At all. And judging by the look on AshLee’s face, she wasn’t expecting it either.

Andrea Reiher hilariously sums it up in her Zap2It post:

“AshLee looks crushed, and then super mad. There is a very dramatic stare-down between her and Sean, then she just starts walking. She asks him to stay put, but he tries to explain himself. Sean looks so upset and AshLee just looks angry. Like, nuclear bomb angry… she is ready to punch Sean in the throat and burn the building down.”

“Like, nuclear bomb angry.”

So funny, I almost choked on my coffee! Although I know that’s mean because AshLee did seem like a nice girl. Oh well, there’s always the Bachelor Pad.

Because of the Holy Guacamole elimination on last night’s The Bachelor, I decided to reach out to my mom and get a guacamole recipe that she and my Aunt Julia have perfected. My mom sent the recipe to me via email and it’s written in “mom speak.” For example, “Buy a bag of avocados from Costco and use 3,” too cute. Anyway, some parts of the recipe are hard to follow so I suggest reading the recipe a few times before embarking on it 🙂

avacado_0Photo courtesy of The Splendid Table

Rachel & Julia’s Famous Guacamole

Buy a bag of avocados from Costco and use 3.

For the chile:

Buy 3 jalapeno peppers,  2 Pasilla peppers, and  2 or 3 Serrano peppers. Boil the peppers with about 2 or 3 cloves of garlic and 1 tiny onion or cut a small onion and use 1/4 of a small onion. Salt and pepper to taste. When this mixture is gooey and on the soft side, scoop out the onion.  Dump water out of where the peppers were boiled otherwise it comes out too watery. (If you want, use gloves and take out seeds.) Then blend this pepper mixture — Do not liquefy just coarsely blend. This is actually Chile Verde salsa without the meat.

Or easier, just use a can of hot Ortega chile sauce (it comes in small cans).

For the guacamole:

3 avocados, mash with bean masher–leave a little coarse so that it is not too creamy then add the can of Ortega or the fresh chile sauce of the three peppers. Then fold, do not blend, 1/3 of the sauce or part of the Ortega can sauce. If the guacamole is too thick, add more sauce (a little at a time) either fresh or can, whatever you decided to use.

Now add some salt and black pepper, a dash of paprika, fold and taste.  I do not use sour cream.

Now add some lemon juice, not too much maybe squeeze ½ a lemon. Remember to remove the stems before you boil peppers. Use gloves.

😉 mom XXXOOO

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