Free (or close to it!) stuff that will make you smile

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Okay, so there are a few sites out there making money by blogging. A Reel Chick is not one of those sites. So, I’m all about stuff for free (or close to it!) that can make for a better blog. Here are a few things I’ve found that I’d like to share with fellow frugal bloggers:

Shutterstock: Yes, you have to pay to use their photos and illustrations but if you sign up for their newsletter, each week you will get an offer to download some of their images for free. (The cute chalkboard image I used for the headline of this post is a Shutterstock image I got for free.)

Miss Tiina: Since we’re on the subject of this post’s headline… for the text, I used a font I got for free from Miss Tiina. She has a bunch of fonts offered for free, just be sure to follow her Terms of Use. (The font used for my headline image is Miss Tiina’s MTF Epic font.) I lovd Miss Tiina!

Stupeflix: Horrible name but really cool site that lets you create a video using music and your photos and video clips. I wanted to put Odie’s first trip to the Pacific Ocean to music and created this video in about 30 minutes. This first video was free but I can pay as little as $5 a month to create more videos. Click on image below to see the fun, free video I created.


Jones Design Company: How cute is this freebie below? Walk, make that run, to the site and sign up for all sorts of cute free designs!


Adobe Photoshop CS2: Digital Trends has a post that give instructions on how to register for a free version of Photoshop.  For the serious Photoshop enthusiast this version won’t cut it… it just provides basic crop, cut, and lasso capabilities. But for the rest of us, it ’s the only way to legally get your hands on Photoshop without the big price tag. I followed the steps on Digital Trends and am loving the ability to use Photoshop basics!

SurveyMonkey: Not related to blogging, but it’s free and it helps me contribute money to the U.S. Humane Society, a cause I care about. Sign up for free and contribute money toward one of your favorite charities. So far, I’ve contributed $9 toward the U.S. Humane Society just by taking a few surveys!

surveymonkey copy

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