I sometimes wonder if Mr really does read my blog. I mean, I know he subscribes to my site and will make comments like, “Hey, I saw that you posted today.” But does he reeeeally read my blog? Well, he does (or at least he did yesterday).

Mr sent me a note about my “Orange you glad it’s June?” post. He reminded me that I missed the biggest statement I make regarding my love of the color orange, “You should have put a pic of your car on there!” And right, he is!


I own a 2013 Orange Prius C!


It’s actually, “Habanero” color according to Toyota. In fact, here’s Toyota’s Habanero Guacamole Recipe.

You know I just love a car that has its own recipe!

I love it!!!!  I love the color (it makes me smile), I love that it’s new, I love that I get 50-60 miles to the gallon, I love that I feel like I’m doing something good for the planet,I love that, though small, I can still fill it with dogs, friends and shopping bags,  and I love being able to easily find my car in a parking lot (Habanero orange is hard to miss!).

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