Call out for London suggestions!

notting460Hugh Grant in Notting Hill

I leave for the UK this weekend and will be spending time with family in Nottingham and Ollerton areas. But then will wrap up the trip by spending a few days in London.

Other than the Notting Hill street fair, what are some other street fairs, shops, pubs, thrift stores, restaurants I should try to visit?

8 thoughts on “Call out for London suggestions!

  1. Have an amazing time!
    I usually just go into anywhere that catches my eye, but I always make a point of having Afternoon Tea at the Rubens Hotel across from Buckingham Palace. It’s very relaxing and a nice respite if you’ve been running all over the place. I like to sit and write my journal or post cards. You can see the side gate where the staff goes in and out of the palace, it’s traditional and the service is great. The food is also very good and it’s a beautiful hotel. If you go, read the history of the hotel, I remember it being very interesting:)
    Safe journey!

  2. Whenever I go up to London, I always try to fit in a look around Old Spitalfields Market. And there’s a nice antiquey/vintagey market in Covent Garden too. Charity shops (thrift stores) in London always seem really expensive to me, but the ones in Camden were actually quite reasonable when I went last year! Have fun!

  3. Apart from visit all the big landmarks [ I am not a big expert on London, being a Northern girl and all ] I’d say you need to do afternoon tea, get Fish&Chips, visit a traditional pub for a Sunday Lunch, and shamefully venture to Primark 😉

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