The Devil Wears Prada

mgid_uma_content_mtvI have been busy job searching for a Product Marketing Manager position. My most recent job search activity involved an interview with Mandy (potential colleague) and Alexis (potential manager) at Unnamed Company.

Since many of my readers are fans of romcoms, chick lit and the like, you will appreciate this exchange during my interview with Mandy (potential colleague):

Me: So, what’s it like working here at Unnamed Company?

Mandy: Well, have you seen the movie, “The Devil Wears Prada”? It’s sort of like that… but honestly, Alexis is really great.

Me: I’ll be leaving now.

I didn’t leave, and I did meet Alexis. And, yes, like Meryl Steep’s character, Miranda Priestly, Alexis is a ball buster but I think I can work with her. Maybe she’ll give me a kick in the butt that Anne Hathaway’s character got in the movie. Is there a Stan Tucci at Unnamed Company? Regrettably, I don’t think so. But Unnamed Company offers $20 of free beverages from the vending machine per day. (Weird, huh?)

So, would any of you fearless romcom, chick lit fans take the plunge and work with Miranda/Alexis?

Photo courtesy of Fox 2000 Pictures and Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.

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