Chick Lit and Peek-A-Boo Heels


Like Romantic Comedy movies, Chick Lit books are often treated like red-headed stepchildren (no offense to my ginger haired followers!). Serious readers look down on the genre. And that’s okay with me. After all, different horses for different courses. And what I have to tell you is that this little pony loves a good Chick Lit book!


Even if you aren’t a fan of the genre you should know that writing Chick Lit isn’t a breezy adventure like getting dressed by bluebirds in the morning. Rather, there are formulas and structure that are inherent to any good Chick Lit book (or any other genre). I recently checked out “Will Write for Shoes” from my local library. I read about ¼ of the way through it and decided that it was a better book “purchase” than library “rental” so I returned the book and bought a copy to keep at my writing desk.  The author, Cathy Yardley, offers a variety of good tips written in a light, but not candy-coated manner. Yardley is upfront about the work, skill, craft, creativity and luck involved with writing a successful, published novel.

My reading choices aren’t confined to Chick Lit. I also read critically acclaimed novels (I have to in order to enjoy Book Club with friends!) But… if I pick out a book just for me, then it’s apt to be Marian Keyes or Barbara O’Neal. And despite defending Chick Lit here in the safety of my own blog, I do admit that I will often try to hide the cover if it’s too pink, too swirly or too silly.

I learned this the hard way when I took a Chick Lit book with me to a doctor’s appointment. I figured that while waiting, it would be a better read than a pamphlet on shingles.  The doctor came into the room and asked what I was reading. I think it was “Jemima J,” by Jane Green. Maybe it was just my neurotic tendencies but for the rest of the appointment I swear he treated me like I was a moron. I wanted to tell him that the week before I really had tried to read, “Guns, Germs and Steel.” Honest, I did. I also wanted to stick out my tongue and say, “Hey buddy, I’ve got an MBA, so there.” Nope, instead I just sat there clutching my Chick Lit book to my heart which was pounding under my paper blouse. My love for Chick Lit hasn’t changed; my choice of doctor did.


So, let’s come back full circle to Yardley’s book. For any of you who are writing or want to write a Chick Lit novel,

I highly recommend Cathy Yardley’s book, “Will Write for Shoes.”

peekabosOn the subject of shoes… We are going to have a high of 84 degrees in Scottsdale today. (My apologies and sympathy for those still lumbering under the throes of a cold or wet winter.) With this kind of beautiful weather, it’s time to break out Spring/Summer shoes. Today I wore cute peek-a-boo heels. But I’m such a tender foot that I’ve had to apply Body Glide on my feet about 5 times today. You don’t know about Body Glide?  Step closer, my friend, this will change your life. Okay, not really your life, but it will make wearing shoes a lot more comfortable!


Runners use Body Glide under their arms and inner thighs because it reduces blisters and chafing that happens during long runs. Well, the same goes for uncomfortable shoes. Slab some of this stuff along the areas that rub and blister and you will find instant relief. Be cautious if applying on the bottom of your feet, as you’re likely to slide right out of your shoes!

No wonder I’m a boot girl, wearing heels is tough work! Maybe moving forward my mantra should be, “Will write for sensible shoes.”

2 thoughts on “Chick Lit and Peek-A-Boo Heels

  1. I think this post is spot on. I 100% agree with you and this has happened to me too. I put my BA in English Literature on my CV for a job interview and, when I went, they were surprised by my love of chick lit novels. It infuriated me so much because it implied that chick lit is somehow lesser than any other genre. I love to read stuff like Jane Austen and Richard Brinsley Sheridan and Shakespeare, but when people see me with classical French satire and a novel by Rachel Gibson, they think either I am unable to read the harder stuff, or I am deliberately trying to dumb myself down. It really doesnt help that writing one is so hard either.
    May I reblog this post? It is fantastic x

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