Dinosaurs and Strawberry Pie

As a kid I was fascinated by the construction of Dinny the Dinosaur, a 150-ton building shaped like a larger-than-life-sized Apatosaurus.  It took creator Claude Bell 11 years to build Dinny! Our family’s out-of-town trips weren’t very frequent so I was able to see biannual snapshots of the progress of Dinny’s construction. A second dinosaur, […]

Chick Lit and Peek-A-Boo Heels

Like Romantic Comedy movies, Chick Lit books are often treated like red-headed stepchildren (no offense to my ginger haired followers!). Serious readers look down on the genre. And that’s okay with me. After all, different horses for different courses. And what I have to tell you is that this little pony loves a good Chick […]

The Bachelor and Yorkshire Pudding

(photo courtesy of Us Magazine) Mr and I are sad sacks… We love The Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad. It’s our Date Night during the week. We settle in for the night with a good meal, wine and high expectations for Bachelor drama, cat fights, tears, back stabbing and reality TV’s version of cage fighting. Good times. No, […]

Gooey Butter Cake and Meet Me in St. Louis

I really wanted to save this piece, take it home and then photograph it with my fancy Canon. But, I couldn’t wait another minute longer before biting into this yummy wonderfulness. So, please excuse the bad pic, office lighting and stapler in the background! Natalie, a colleague of mine at work, is leaving Scottsdale, Arizona […]

Adios, amigo

Today I sold one of my (many) pair of Cowboy Boots on eBay. The winning bid was a good price–I got quite a bit more than what I was expecting, and the buyer paid a lot less than retail. Win, win! Now, I have seller’s remorse… These are a great pair of Durango boots. I […]

The Big Three-O

In the movie Julie & Julia, Amy Adams’ character, Julie, explains her commitment to cooking every recipe from Julia Childs’ “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” and blogging about it for a year because, as she says: “Let’s face it, I never finish anything.” Well, after my attempts at guitar, tennis, drawing, spin class and […]