Big Mouth Fish


Several years ago while on a trip to Baja, I fell in love with these cute Big Mouth Fish. They make me smile! Even though they were inexpensive I wasn’t sure what to do with them. Sort of reluctantly, I bought a few. I carefully packed them for the journey back home and have since found all sorts of uses for them!


Right now, they are in a guest bathroom serving as soap holders.


His tongue is a bar of soap. Isn’t that cute?!

I’ve also carted them into the office to hold office supplies (they’re a great place to stash paperclips!).

Moral of this blog post is that sometimes while travelling or at a unique shopping experience (like flea markets or street fairs) if you come across something that makes you smile and it’s not that expensive or hard to lug back home, then go for it. If it found a place in your heart then it will find a place in your home…

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