Julia’s Hat


Here’s a bit of backstory to my blog’s title, “A Reel Chick.” When watching a movie or TV show I have this habit of spotting something that I absolutely must find, must have, must wear. The first time this became an obsession was while watching “Runaway Bride” starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. Never mind the fact that the re-pairing of the “Pretty Woman” duo wasn’t a box office success, I DESPERATELY wanted the cool cowboy hat Julia wears in the baseball scene.

I searched all over the place but could only find traditional cowboy hats. I’d almost given up hope when I saw a close replica at a street festival. It was expensive (about $40) and fit just a bit too snug but I didn’t care because I just had to have it and end my tormented search.

I wore it a few times but because it was too small I always ended up with A) a headache, and B) a dent in my forehead that would take about a day to go away. I had to give it to a friend with a smaller head 🙂

Fast forward a couple of years and I make a trip South of the Border and find Julia’s hat being sold by every vendor on every beach for about $7! Of course, I snatched one up and love it!

So, like I said, I have a habit of seeing a “reel” thing on TV or at the movies and then put it on my wish list. Sometimes I am lucky and can find it (Julia’s hat) and other times my reel treasures elude me.

Here are just a few items on my Reel Wish List:


Emily Maynard’s boots!

Lawdy, I lusted after the boots Emily wore in Season 15 of the Bachelor (bachelor Brad Womack’s season). Once found (Steve Madden Mantel boots), I was heartbroken to find they were no longer available. I sent an email to the Steve Madden online shop and called every Steve Madden store possible to see if there was a size 8 boot lost among the inventory, but to no avail (I guess I wasn’t the only person coveting these!). I figured these boots would always be “the pair that got away.”  Poor Mr, he had to hear me go on and on about those boots for months on end

Well, then Emily comes back as the Bachelorette and, bless her, she’s got a pair of boots almost identical to the ones in Brad’s season.  I knew they weren’t the same Mantel boots since Emily had auctioned those off for charity (have I mentioned yet that I’m a Bachelor/Bachelorette junkie?).

This time, I wasted no time in hunting down the brand. Thanks to sites like Passionista and Dana Weiss’ Bachelor Fashion Blog I found out that Emily’s boots were the Frye ‘Carson Lug’ Boot. But, yikes they were expensive.


Hello, lover…

For about a day I thought about the price tag. I decided that the dollar amount would hurt less than the years of agony at losing these boots for yet a second time (and have I also mentioned that I’m a boot junkie?).  So I treated myself to a very big splurge and haven’t looked back since. I LOVE my boots! They are definitely among “my favorite things” in my closet!


Awwww, Sandra Bullock in “Two Weeks Notice.” I just love this movie! She’s so flippin’ cute. Take a close look at the movie still photo above… Isn’t her necklace fabulous?! Help! Can someone please tell me what she’s wearing? I want this necklace. Real. Bad.

Cat turquoise vintage[1]

And of course, there’s Cat Deeley. Anything Cat wears is on my Reel Wish List. Especially this vintage beauty she wore a couple of seasons ago on SYTYCD.

That’s not the end of my Reel Wish List, not by a long shot. I’ll post more and hopefully some posts will be Julia Roberts and Emily Maynard success stories. But even those finds that will never be… it is nice to dream about them.

Images courtesy of Warner Bros., cinematrix and Paramount Pictures.

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