DIY Christmas Gifts

I was shopping at Sur La Table and spotted the cutest little salt dishes. Then, while waiting in line at the grocery store I IMG_5866browsed through the December issue of Sunset magazine and spotted a recipe for Citrus Salt. Voila, like root beer and ice cream, like Starsky and Hutch, I knew I had a perfect combo! These made wonderful Christmas gifts for the gals at the office and our neighbors. (And, of course, I had to keep an extra one for my kitchen!) These were a huge hit and super easy to make!


  • 1 cup flake salt, such as Maldon, or coarse salt
  • 3 tablespoons citrus zest (any kind)


  • Mix salt and zest in a bowl; work zest into salt with your fingers to release oils and flavor. IMG_5894
  • Spread on a baking tray. Air-dry until dried completely, 8 hours to overnight.

Note: Zest’s color will fade over time, but this won’t affect taste.
Make ahead: 2 months, kept airtight at room temperature.

I purchased Wilton Pop Favor Bags (12 bags/12 ribbons), put a bit of the finished salt in each of the bags, and tied them up with a bow.

I labelled them on front:

“Maldon Sea Salt with Lemon Zest”IMG_5847

And on back:

“Delicious on fish, grilled chicken or salads with a drizzle of olive oil.”IMG_5930

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